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Jul 30, 2023
2 mins read

Connecting Teleprompter to OBS Studio

OBS Studio

IMPORTANT!!! The device you use for the teleprompter app and the computer hosting the OBS Studio must be on the same network.

To connect to OBS studio you need to specify the IP and Port number of the OBS Studio. Once connected OBS Teleoprompter app will automatically begin scrolling when you start recording or broadcasting on OBS Studio. When stopped the teleprompter app will stop scrolling and return to the top of the text if not in “pinned” mode. Watch the clip that shows how to setup the OBS Studio to work with the Teleprompter.

Setting up OBS Teleprompter with OBS Studio

Setting up OBS Teleprompter with OBS Studio can be done in two scenarios: when both OBS Teleprompter and OBS Studio are on the same computer and when they are on different computers. Here’s a step-by-step guide for each scenario:

Same Computer Setup:

  1. Open OBS Studio.
  2. Go to the “Tools” menu and select “OBS Websocket Settings.”
  3. In the new window, ensure that the “Enable Websocket Server” option is selected.
  4. Set the port number to “4455” (or any other desired port number).
  5. Optionally, you can choose to disable authentication for local connections (not recommended if your computer is accessible from the internet, for security reasons). Click “Apply” and “OK” to close the window.

Different Computers Setup:

  1. On the computer running OBS Studio, go to the “Tools” menu in OBS Studio and select “OBS Websocket Settings.”
  2. Enable the “Enable Websocket Server” option.
  3. If your OBS Studio is running on a trusted network (e.g., not accessible from the internet), you can keep authentication disabled. Otherwise, enable it for added security.
  4. Click the “Show Connect Info” button in the same window to get the server IP address.
  5. Copy the server IP address from the OBS Websocket Settings window.

Now, switch to the computer running OBS Teleprompter:

  1. Open OBS Teleprompter extension settings.
  2. Type the IP address you copied from OBS Studio into the “IP address” field.
  3. If your OBS Studio uses port 4455 (as set in the previous steps), leave the “Port Number” field blank.
  4. If authentication was enabled in OBS Studio, enter the appropriate password in the “Password” field (if not, leave it blank).
  5. Click “Save” to save the settings.

After completing the setup, open the Teleprompter app. If everything is set up correctly, OBS Teleprompter should automatically connect to OBS Studio. If the connection succeeds, you will see a green badge on the OBS Teleprompter extension icon.

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