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Aug 11, 2023
2 mins read

Recording Video using OBS Teleprompter

OBS Studio Recording

Teleprompters are a valuable tool for anyone who needs to deliver speeches or presentations on camera. They allow the speaker to read their script while maintaining eye contact with the viewers, creating a more engaging and professional presentation. However, recording video while using a teleprompter can be challenging, as the speaker needs to be able to see the script while also monitoring the video feed.

Fortunately, there are two methods for recording video while using a teleprompter and previewing the video in the background: using the built-in video recorder or using OBS Studio.

Built-in Video Recorder

The built-in recorder uses the browser’s recording capability and records in a format that is supported by the browser. When you turn on the video recording mode using the “video” button, the video feed will automatically be shown in the background. You can disable video recording in the settings and just use the feed to preview your webcam while reading the teleprompter. You can also choose the resolution and video input device in the settings, as well as the video codec for the recording.

OBS Studio

If you already have a recording setup with OBS Studio, you may want to use it as your primary recording software. In this case, you can still preview your video feed in the background of the text. To do this, you need to detach the output feed within OBS Studio and use the “background app” button to select the detached window as the background app feed.

Using a teleprompter can greatly improve the quality of your videos, but it can be difficult to record while using one. By using either the built-in recorder or OBS Studio, you can easily preview your video feed while reading your script, ensuring that your presentation is professional and engaging.

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